Environmentally-Friendly Garden Design in Fleet

AGM Landscaping practice ethical waste disposal on all landscape gardening projects undertaken in Fleet and we aim to cut carbon emissions to zero on every job we work on. We clear all rubbish from your property and recycle as much waste as possible after finishing garden maintenance work at your home or commercial premises.


If you’re interested in creating a garden design which is as eco-friendly as possible, our team are happy to arrange a visit to your property to discuss the most suitable solutions.

Responsible Landscape Gardening

When carrying out a garden design, we combine a variety of elements to produce a healthy outdoor space at your Fleet property. Everything within a professionally planned landscaping has a purpose and will help the environment in its own way. Planting flowers and trees will purify the air whilst attract wildlife and regular garden maintenance will help to keep lawns and vegetation healthy.


By combining planting schemes and environmentally-friendly features, your garden will become a haven for birds and insects, giving you a sense of well-being as you do your bit for the planet. We offer free advice on how to get the most out of landscape gardening and garden maintenance for your Fleet garden, with helpful tips and services from qualified and experienced gardeners.


As landscape professionals, we aim to recycle as much of the waste created during our services as possible. To avoid any rubbish going to landfill, our personnel take time to sort and organise waste for recycling on every small or large project we undertake. AGM Landscaping are also against using harmful chemicals, opting for eco-friendly solutions.

Why Not Try Eco-Friendly Garden Design?

Known also as eco-landscaping or green landscaping, eco-friendly landscaping aims to create sustainable gardens which save energy, resources and nurture wildlife. Whether you are in the beginning stages of a landscape gardening project, looking at different garden maintenance solutions or interested in changing your garden design, we are happy to help Fleet customers choose the most sustainable options.


Eco-friendly landscaping not only helps the environment, but can also save you money through reduced water bills and landscaping rebates. You could even consider introducing a vegetable plot to your Fleet garden and saving on food costs! Other ways to use sustainable garden design effectively include recycling all landscape materials, mulching garden beds and installing solar lights.


At AGM Landscaping, we specialise in hard landscape gardening as well as soft landscaping and garden maintenance. We offer various options for environmentally-friendly paving and patios, with the most popular being recycled stone or brick. Take a look at our gallery for examples of previous gardening projects we’ve completed.