Luxury Landscaping and Garden Design in Farnham

At AGM Landscaping, we understand the importance of creating a garden space that is relaxing and beautiful. When considering garden design, many domestic and commercial customers in the Farnham area are interested in designs which perfectly combine luxury with practicality. During each landscape gardening project, our team deliver lasting designs to compliment your property and offer garden maintenance to keep your outdoor space looking luxurious and well-kept throughout the year.


On this page, we’re looking at garden design ideas that add a touch of luxury to your property and create a tranquil outdoor space to relax and entertain in.

Luxury Landscape Gardening Ideas

There are many ways to improve the aesthetics of your garden and give it a luxurious feel, either through transforming the entire space with professional landscape gardening or adding individual planting schemes and lines to capture a certain style. Luxury gardens balance hard and soft landscaping in a beautiful way and can be adapted to gardens of any size and properties of any type.


Here are some inspirational ideas for Farnham property owners who are interested in luxury garden design:


Formal Planting

A well thought through planting scheme is one of the best landscape gardening techniques to create a garden which gives the appearance of luxury and grandeur. At AGM Landscaping, we take inspiration from stately and historic homes, such as Northbrook Park in Farnham, which often make use of symmetrical plant borders, rows of trees and elegant colour schemes.


Regular garden maintenance is recommended to keep formal planting healthy and looking neat and well-kept.


Water Features

From a bubbling water fountain or tranquil pond to a winding stream or cascading waterfall, including an element of water in your garden creates a sense of wellbeing and brings beautiful aesthetics and sounds into any outdoor space. Water features were especially popular in 17th century grand stately gardens, often in the form of canals and huge fountains and are often used in Farnham homes today in modern or traditional ways.


However small or large you want your water feature to be, our expert garden landscaping team can offer a range of garden design ideas to introduce water effectively.


Statement Furniture

Using statement furniture inside homes is a commonly used design feature which can be transferred to the outside of your Farnham property as well. Placing one or multiple pieces of furniture makes your garden become another room and extends your living space. Carefully placed furniture can be used as a focal point, with paths and borders used to create lines and draw the eye towards it.


This technique is commonly used with statues in formal, stately grounds. Our garden maintenance team offer expert advice on adding furniture that works well with your outdoor space.


Looking for more inspiration on garden design? Take a look at our gallery for examples of previous landscape gardening projects AGM Landscaping have completed in Farnham and the wider Surrey and Hampshire areas.